Roulette Strategy

In internet you can find a several roulette strategies, some of them based on martingel strategy some of them are not but we found new roulette strategy who can give 100% profit playing online casino roulette games. We named this strategy Random VS Random , why this name and how it works we explain bottom in this article. First you need only two thinigs: discipline and playing in quality online casinos, discipline need to earn money in long term, play in quality online casinos need because you want get the money what are you win, it`s logical , did you agree ?

All things in world is simple, casinos don`t like the roulette because casino players can win a lot of money, in slots it`s not  possible because slots give back some of money what loose the casino players, it is around 96% (rtp). Okey let` s start earn money with roulette!

Random VS Random roulette strategy

We play European roulette with 36 numbers and one zero number, you need take the bets on almost all fields in roulette randomly , I repeat in almost but not in all, we prefer don` t place the bets on 5-6 numbers on roulette table, Which are this numbers you ask ? It is randomly numbers on roulette table on your choice. For start we suggest dont place the bets on 3 or 4 numbers on roulette table to get less risk, see the image bottom.


How calculates roulette wins, on roulette table are 37 fields, if you place the bet 1 euro on one number and win you get 36 euros, this one field are casino profit but if you are place the bets on almost all fields except few of them you have really low risk loose the money and you get not big win in one game round but in a lot of game rounds step by step you can win a huge money.

Example: Place the 1 euro bet on 32 roulette fields, your all bet is 32 euro when you win you get 36 euros, profit is 4 euros, small ? yes its not a big but if you place the bets x40 times and win ? Sounds better, right ?

You can every roulette game round place the new bets in new roulette fields or if you are playing Netent european automatic roulette you can skip some game rounds without money bets, we are lazy, we just skip around 5-9 game rounds in netent automatic roulette without money, after the we place one bet with money and repeat, repeat and repeat this steps.

Balance in your account, if you have around 100 euros better is start play with 20 cents bet on one roulette field, if your bankroll is bigger you can try make a bigger bets with less risk.

OPS we don`t win and lose the money, what now?

Dont worry, deeply swollen, reload the roulette pick the randomly numbers on roulette table but make the bets x4 bigger the previous you make, make the spin and win the money, then drop down the bets to early amount, yes playing in this strategy almost all time you play with one bet, it can be 10 cents on one field or 50 cents or more but all time the same bets, ONLY when you loose you make one bigger x4 bet to get back your looses and continue earning the money with smaller bets. As we write, we suggest place the bets on around 32 roulette sectors

Of course one more thing what are you need to know, need play in quality online casinos with this roulette strategy, casinos don`t like loose the money, they want to earn money, we playing in this casinos and we personally tested money withdraws from the following list of online casinos.

Feel free, just for start register and try this strategy with demo amount and only now start playing in real money. We added the casino list every day.

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