Poker Omaha Hi-Low Split Review

Omaha Hi-Low Split (8 or Better)

Omaha Hi-Low Split is a community card poker game that is played with a standard 52-card deck. In order for a hand to qualify for the low hand, it must contain an 8 or Better (lower) at showdown. The game starts to the left of the dealer button. The blind bets are made from the positions left of the dealer button and are forced bets which must be made before the cards are dealt.

Each player is dealt four cards, one at a time, in turn and face down (hole cards) as their initial hand. A round of betting occurs for players who are continuing to contend for the pot. Three board cards are turned face up (flop) in the middle of the table (community cards). The community cards are available for all players to use. The second round of betting occurs. The fourth community card is turned face up (the turn), followed by a third round of betting. A final community card (the river) is turned up and a fourth and final round of betting occurs. After the final round of betting has been completed, each player may use any two hole cards with three community cards to make the highest five-card poker hand, and any two hole cards with three community cards to make the lowest qualifying five-card poker hand. The lowest qualifying five-card poker hand is Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5. Players must qualify for the low hand with a hand containing an 8 or better (lower). The pot is split equally between the players with the highest ranking hand and lowest qualifying hand. If no player has a low qualifying hand, the player with the highest ranking five-card poker hand wins the entire pot. In the event of a tie, the pot, or portion of the pot, if the tie is for high or low hand only, is split equally.

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