Blackjack Basic Rules

The origin of Blackjack, also known in Italy as 21, must be sought in the ancient games of Spanish, French and Italian, which are very similar. Already in the history books of the eleventh century, we find hints of card games whose purpose was to achieve a certain total value, and is probably just BlackJack arising from other popular games such as Baccarat.

French game, the Vingt-et-un (21 in English) was one of the most fashionable in the eighteenth century. Easy to learn and simple to play, vingt-et-un was once of great impact. The game’s popularity spread across the world and the French name was changed in various forms became John Van Pontoon in England and in Australia.

The popularity of Blackjack
The men of the armed forces of the United States have learned the BlackJack their allies during the Second World War, using it as a distraction once in short time,. BlackJack, along with the poker, has become favorite game of American soldiers and, once the war ended, its popularity has spread to the rest of the country. The way this game has grown in recent decades that has a surprising and nowadays also the amount of money that circulates around the BlackJack is similar to that of poker. In many casinos the limits of bets have increased by more than 00. BlackJack Craps is second only to Bank when you consider the amount of money won and lost.

The Wager Ungar
Stu Ungar, with an IQ that classified it as “genius”, and an extraordinary photographic memory, was able to count all the cards in a blackjack shoe with six decks of cards. In 1977, he bet $ 100,000 with Bob Stupack, owner of a casino in Las Vegas, that he could count all the cards in a blackjack shoe with six decks, guessing the last three cards. Ungar won the bet.
Stu was convicted in 1982 by the New Jersey Commission on Gambling, for allegedly cheating at the blackjack table in a casino in Atlantic City. The casino claimed that Ungar would put extra chips in secret on his winning play, to secure a larger payout.Ungar always strongly denied the incident. The sentence ordered him to pay $ 500, a figure almost insignificant for him, but at the same time it forced him to admit to cheating, which always refused to do. Ungar claimed that his memory and his ability to count cards (a technique not illegal) were natural skills, and that this is not needed in any way to cheat at blackjack table. Ungar brought the court case and won, avoiding the $ 500 fine. Still had to pay about $ 50,000 in legal fees and travel. But his reputation remained intact. In his biography, Ungar says that fatigue for travel and the debates was that it did not allow him to defend his title at the WSOP. His talent and reputation were so great to exclude it from the game in the casinos. He was virtually unable to play blackjack in Las Vegas that is anywhere else.

Blackjack rules

Blackjack is one of the oldest online casino games but still very successful. Its secret lies in its simplicity and little advantage in that the counter on the player (if you apply the correct strategy game, in some variants of blackjack the dealer has an advantage of less than 3%)
BlackJack is to be played with a variable number of decks of cards (deck) from 1-2 for the portable versions, up to 6 for the professional. Before you start the game the croupier shuffles the deck and places them in a particular container-distributor said Sabot shoe. The purpose is to provide a score as close as possible to 21, but not to exceed this threshold. To this end, the card values ​​are as follows: 2 to 10 the value of play is equal to the nominal value of the paper, the figures are all worth 10 points and aces can be worth 1 or 11 as the player.
In addition to the dealer at a blackjack table are usually allowed no more than 7 active players, but it is enough to play even one that challenges the dealer. Players make their bets sitting by placing chips in the middle of their box, while those standing can focus on certain boxes of putting chips on the side. The seated players have the option to bet on other boxes. A nod to go with the outstretched arm and open hand, carried out by the dealer indicates that no longer accepting bets. At the beginning of this hand, all the players are dealt two cards face up, but if the dealer distributes two blankets.

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