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Slot machine is an electronic gambling system, commonly used in casinos and betting shops. To play slot machine, you can use coins, banknotes, credit cards (especially the U.S.), credit clubs and player cards. Other terms used to indicate this game is “poker machine” (in Australia) or “fruit machine” (UK). In Italy slot machines are popular in bars, betting shops and pubs.


There are different types of equipment: the most common types are reel, video poker, multistation and new video. Roller slot machines may be dealt with extinction, mainly because the modern casinos take new video.


The cabinet consists of a control panel to manage your bets, and a monitor (the newer models feature an LCD). Generally there are also dual models, with the armor in the compartment where coins and/or banknotes are located. To be under law, slot machine must be physically connected to modems, which transmit data and statistics for each machine.


In Italy, each machine – called “new slots” – must be accompanied by some clearance certificate in original exposed, provided by AAMS:


– Nothing precludes distribution (indicating the manufacturer)


– Nothing precludes the putting into operation (indicating the owner operator of the machine)


– Certificate of Compliance (indicating that the game software in this slot is in compliance with applicable laws)


Slot machine can win big money. The happier they can earn millions of euros. It’s funny how an electronic machine can make a person rich in one fell swoop. On the other hand, the player is not the only winner in this game. The owner also gets the win, thanks to gambling. The majority of French people have a casino slot machine. Moreover, it is the game that brings him more money. In fact, almost 80% of the casino’s advantage is generated by the machines? This means that people have the pleasure in playing it. Everyone is aware that you can become a millionaire in no time. Many people play the slot machines on the Internet. The principle remains almost the same, and the rules of the game. The way you play changes, due to the virtuality of the game. In any case, the slot machine is primarily a game. There is enormous fun, with palpitation in whether you won or not. Certainly, any loss can recover with a new challenge. So, needless upset. Remember that every game to slot machines can make ten times as much or more than the amount that you bet.


When you win the jackpot slots
Jackpot is won when one reaches a particular combination or series of combinations in which slot machines are very rare and difficult to be prosecuted, but the fact is that some players and we can manage to win the jackpot. If you go to Las Vegas on average every week someone wins a jackpot among the thousands present in hundreds of casinos on the streets. In online is the same thing, the jackpots are regularly won by players around the world, especially those children who still come to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Generally a good online casino gives at least a win of more than 100,000 euros a month, sometimes even more players always depends on the number of players who play there.

How does a slot machine jackpot
The operation of the jackpot is simple, any bet that is made and then each credit spent by a player a small percentage is deducted from the casino to be collected in a large container called just virtual jackpot. In fact, if you access the pages of the online casino you often see the amount of the progressive jackpot constantly growing, this is because there are players who are playing and continually spending in betting credits which are a percentage set aside in what you see constantly growing.


The tax on this type of equipment are calculated on the volume of games played by slots and are 11.8% as a tax Preu, plus 0.80% to AAMS, plus a variable amount depending on the operator, as fee for network license. The rest is usually shared with the operator of the year where the public site, net of winnings. The current arrangements for payment and expect to win a game costs one euro, the winning percentage, however, must be equal – the end of each cycle of games – 75%. The payouts are made in money. Another important change with this generation of slot is security fraud: these devices, in fact, have been designed with the latest equipment, to avoid any fraud against the State and the player.

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