Roulete basic rules and roulette history

The origin of Roulette is lost for ever, even in Roman times, albeit with a decidedly different from the modern roulette, as the legionaries used a rudimentary form of fun with the game that was running a shield. Over the centuries, there have been further developments and changes, and you must wait until the seventeenth century to see the birth of the modern roulette, thanks to the invention of the mechanism of roulette with the studies on the perpetual motion of Blaise Pascal.

Thanks to players and operators of gambling halls in France, starting from early 1800 there are a substantial growth in the presence of the Roulette game rooms across Europe before, and after in United States.
Only in 1842 we see the birth of modern Roulette thanks to the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, who take away the box of the double zero, a choice made to try to attract new players, and that will prove apt had seen the great success, and that forced casinos opponent to follow the same policy for not seeing customers flee. Luck continues to take the brothers tied the game of Roulette Blanc; this game, in fact, having had the good fortune in their home game in those years, when Prince Rainier III of Monaco Charles decides to seek help from Francois Blanc to boost our coffers of the casino opened a ten years earlier, but with little return. Francois Blanc had the brilliant idea of ​​building a new casino resort in the famous “Les Spelugues”, the casino in honor of the prince’s trust is called “Monte Carlo” is the birth of a myth that has lasted to this day.
In fact, thanks to the fascination that Roulette has always had players in real casinos, is one of the games with greater influx of gamblers, even in online casinos.
With the advent of online roulette is now even easier for a player, even for those who approach the game for the first time, try the ‘thrill of gambling, in fact you can find a lot of roulette that do not require money to play , as opposed to live casino where there are forms of free game play.
Besides being a fun pastime, for example for those who want to get distracted after a hard day’s work, roulette is a great way to experience and understand the many strategies of game that you can use later when you want to use real money.

The live roulette online is available in three variants: European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. The variety of roulette games live is explained by the fact that its popularity is increasing more and more casinos on the Internet, because more and more players to choose from their wide range of casino games. Unlike roulette online, free live dealer, roulette with live dealers is not a random number generator (RNG random number generator) and all movements of roulette and the croupier are broadcast via webcam in real time.
The rules, types, dimensions and payments are the same, there is no difference if the absence of a real croupier (although there are casino with live roulette) replaced by software that generates numbers randomly, making the extraction completely random numbers.

It is a matter of taste, there are people who never would play roulette online, and others who prefer to that of the live casino. We try to make a comparison.

Advantages of Online Roulette

  • Ability to use Custom game strategies
  • Time for each episode Unlimited
  • Comfort of home games
  • No other player at the table
  • Ability to turn the roulette wheel without betting
  • Statistics of previous episodes (percentage extraction of numbers, colors, and even the odd one ….)
  • Very low minimum bets
  • Existence of roulette jackpot

Advantages of Live Roulette

  • Charm of the live dealer
  • Physical contact with their money
  • Friendly relationship with the dealer

Safety of online roulette

The electronic roulette, also popular in casinos like Casino of Campione, has a software as a croupier. A random number generator (RNG – Random Number Generator) is the basis of this software, we ensure that the numbers will be extracted in a completely random and, consequently, in a safe manner. Many people fill the forums with messages like this: “The Roulette online is a scam”, “online casinos are a scam”, “not to play roulette,” simply because they used the best method to lose at roulette: the system Martingale. This system is very very risky and, although it might be mathematically valid, it demonstrates a complete failure, since it is based on probabilistic assumptions wrong. Online roulette is intrinsically safe, you need only to have a good strategy game.

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