How Works Video Poker

Video poker is a game of chance which is derived from poker – very popular game in casinos – which is played with a computerized console similar in size to a slot machine. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the player does not play against a human opponent, but against a machine that removes the human touch to the game of traditional card games, which, according to the contexts and modes of play, games can be considered of society.

General rules
The rules are similar to 5 card draw. The player places a bet that can vary depending on the chosen machine. So the machine generates random cards that are displayed on the screen and make the player’s point. At this point, the player has the possibility of changing a number of cards at his disposal in his choice: these will be replaced with new cards. The player may choose not to change any card, or even all.
This completes the game: the machine pours the money up to the player depending on the money you bet at the beginning and the point that it is linked with the cards.

Video poker has many different variants. Here we list the most important:
– Deuces Wild, Jokers count as two. This allows the possibility of making a pokerissimo, ie a closed point with all the cards of the same value;
– Jacks or Better, to be paid the minimum hand is a pair of Jack
– The Jokers Wild, a joker in the deck is included, which can take the value of any card. It can therefore bind, for example, a pokerissimo or a royal flush with wildcard.

Video poker dates back since the late nineteenth century, almost simultaneously with the birth of slot machines. As already seen the game is a cross between slot machines and 5 card draw.
In the beginning the player introduced a coin into the bush and pulled the lever, then turned the roller containing the cards. Stopping the roller’s hand of five cards appeared to be: if the player had won a set point, withdrawing the cigarettes or drinks. The evolution of technology has brought in 1972 the construction of the first video poker “modern”, and equipped with digital monitors. Currently this game is popular in all casinos in the world, with their modern screens, graphics and sound effects. The next stage of evolution was the adoption of video poker game by online casino in its software, allowing wider dissemination of this game of chance.

Introduction of video poker in bars
In the early 90 videopoker had the final push to become one of the oldest games’ popular in the world. In this period introduced many bars in their rooms the chance ‘to play video poker with precisely. The success was enormous. Many people do not even know the existence of these machines, they faced this great news’ and were only too happy to exploit this opportunity to have fun and win high sums of money

Birth of multiline video poker and progressive jackpot
Given the huge success of the brand new video poker, the construction companies realized they could extend their range. Around the beginning of 2000 were born 2 new types of Video Poker: Video Poker and Video Poker Multi Jackpot, that allowed players to have the opportunity to corner the rising jackpot spin. It was a great revolution that approach more and more people to video poker.

Introduction of Video Poker in Online Casino
The highest expression of poker you with their introduction in online casinos. From 2005 until now, the video poker can be played in the best casinos online. With the introduction of video poker at online casinos, this game and become more and more rich and fun. The software has been improved both in terms of graphics and in terms of safety and play with them and ‘become a real enjoyment. Online casino and poker are the perfect combination of fun and huge wins

Rules to play

To play a Video Poker, just drop Casino chips into the INSERT COINS slot and click the DEAL button. The machine will ’5 cards face up. You can choose to hold none, any or all 5 cards. You must get a pair of Jacks or better to be in the money. To keep a card, click the HOLD button under the card. After you choose which cards to keep, the HOLD button will turn ‘in RELEASE if you decide not to keep the card. After the cards have been selected, click DRAW to draw more cards.

These new drawn cards plus the hold cards become the player’s final hand (always a total of 5 cards). The winning combination will be paid according to the chart at the top of the machine by increasing your credits (shown as a CREDIT meter on the machine). Once finished playing, you can click COINS OUT to cash loans from the machine and chips. The credits will be first multiplied by the value of each credit.

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