Texas Hold’em, General rules of Texas Hold’em Poker

In this article we will look closer the basic rules of Texas Hold’em, sporty version of the classic five-card poker, this texas hold`em version are one of most popular poker game in offline and online poker rooms. Okey let` s start learn texas hold`em !

First of all is played with a deck of 52 cards classical French, you sit around a table, which can also be virtual in the case of online, and there sits. The tables may be composed of only two players, in this case we will talk about heads-up (one to one) up to a maximum of ten players per table. As in any game of cards the dealer (who distributes the cards to the players) with the mix, then start to distribute them in a clockwise direction starting from the Small Blind, which would be the one to the left of the button (the dealer in turn is distinguishable by a token that is placed in front of him). At the end of each hand the button will then be moved to a position at the table and always in a clockwise direction. Having said that we pass to the deal, which will always be two apiece.

Now we come to the first round of betting that is made before the cards are dealt to the table. So there are two forced bets made at every turn by the small blind (small blind) and the big blind (Big Blind). These would be the first two players to the left of the dealer, those notes are required to pay a predetermined amount before the game. The small blind is then always half the big blind. Paid the blinds we proceed with the distribution of the two cards each player. Here the first to speak is the player seated to the left of the big blind, who may decide to do three things: to see only and then pay only the amount of the big blind, fold or raise, aiming at least twice the big blind . The action will come along in the big blind, which may decide to pass, in the case of a raise before, to check if anyone else has made a raise or raise in turn. This is called pre-flop action.

We get to the flop come down after the first three community cards after the dealer according to the rules he burned the first card in the deck, destroying it. Descended the three community cards there shall be a second round of betting. The first to speak is now the first player to play at the left of the dealer, may therefore be the small blind. Here, based on the two cards dealt (the Hole cards) and three community cards fell on the flop, it can decide based on the marks they got what action to take: check, ie pass the word to the player after him, bet or fold, that is, out of the hand. Obviously after a bet you can make a raise and the betting round ends when the last player to act will only call the last bet or raise made.

Us to the third round of betting. After the flop action the dealer, always after the first burned a paper falls to the ground the turn, the fourth community card. Here basically repeats the action done before, only that players now have four community cards to use with their two hole cards. Also finished this round of betting here is that we get to the River, the fifth and final card cell five community cards. The action is always the same and who will win the pot will show the strongest or who, via a bet, to be able to pass all the other players in the hand. In the latter case, therefore, the hand can be won even earlier, type the flop. Finally, a picto can also be divided if two or more players show the same point, which could also be done only with the five community cards on earth. In this case we speak is Split Pot

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