Famous Roulette Cheaters

There are some magnificent stories in the record of roulette. One story is there about Joseph Jagger, not only interesting but also unbelievable.

Roulette Cheaters

Joseph Jagger

Joseph was an engineer from Yorkshire. He had knowledge about mechanics but curiosity in roulette game. He was certain that it is possible to gather a mammoth amount if he could spot even the minimum bias in roulette wheel.


Some dates

In 1873 he headed to Monte Carlo and hired 6 clerks. Joseph believed that some roulette wheels must have imperfections which would create minor bias in numbers to be spun. The job of his clerks was to examine and record every spin on a wheel to identify such biases. The casinos had not at all experienced anything like it thus they allowed the clerks to do the research.

On 7th July of 1875, he stepped further in his plan as his clerks had recognized a wheel which seemed biased towards some numbers. And then Joseph began the betting on that wheel. He won £70,000 at his first try. The next day Jagger came back and carried on betting methodically on the similar numbers and gradually started to win yet again. Obviously he didn’t succeed in every try but as a bias always favors eventually if one sticks to the plan. This day earned Jagger over £300,000. Then the casino got worried and they suspected Jagger of betting.

The next day, Jagger couldn’t notice the toggle and proceeded betting. He lost a huge amount before getting the point. He stopped betting right then and searched out his ‘original wheel’. After changing table, he continued his winnings for the whole day. Of course by now the casino chiefs had figured out the bias along with the likely trouble. They had recognized the problems as it was in the frets. Consequently they swapped all of the frets on that meticulous wheel. When Jagger was back again he started losing heavily. He could not get guess the number as the reason of the bias was removed.


The Last Part of the Story

But the protagonist of this tale did the reasonable thing. Although his jackpot was tumbled he suspended on that final day with a huge earning equal to three million pounds today. Maybe that is the phase that marked his end as an expert gambler to bring to an end of a winning line and stride away with an enormous turnover. Joseph Jagger returned back to Yorkshire, gave up his job and spent his earnings in property. He became an extremely wealthy man and the credit goes to his plan and his brave attempt which grabbed one of the major roulette payouts of the time.

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