Roulette Cheating Example

Roulette cheating is not a new thing in the world of gambling online and offline, but nowadays it has got new dimensions.

Roulette Cheating Example

There are lots of examples of roulette cheating which are hard to believe and tremendous in intelligence. The recent incident with the Hungarian guy is a big proof of that. Laszlo Kovacs is a man whose origin is in Hungary and he is a master in roulette game; a master in the sense of cheating and deceiving.

He nearly got away through this. Earlier this year he was caught red handed in a casino with his unique cheating device. Kovacs installed a miniature computer in his shoes. When he taps his foot the devise is activated. The computer can calculate the factors like the roulette wheels velocity while spinning and the proximity of a number to stop at. With such incredible abilities Kovacs’ device is perfect to predict the number which would show up subsequently.

Nevertheless, Kovacs was really unlucky this time as he got detained by Australian police as he broke the casino rules by using roulette cheats. In accordance with the estimation of authority, Kovacs summed up around 200,000 dollars in various other casinos. Even though the staff of Roulette 2002 knows that these kinds of devices are against the law in casinos all over the world, it is quite fascinating to observe how they function.

One may question that, would the devices work on other games of casino other than roulette. The answer is a big yes. There can be different types of super intelligent devices which are intended for other casino games. However, don’t get any weird ideas, as we re-ensure that such policies are strictly forbidden in casino rule book.


An incident in Eastern Europe

There is another such incident which took place in Eastern Europe. The number of alleged cheaters is three in this case. In March, 2010 they attempted a roulette trick in casino. There were two men who are Serbian by nationality and a woman from Hungary. There was an accusation upon them of grabbing approximately 2.4 million dollars. The police was supposed to figure out the validity of the scanner as it was not sure.

Experts in the betting industry think that the device is not fit for the purpose and no apparatus can manage with the task. In accordance with UK gaming rule, the ball must round the roulette wheel for three times. Following three spins, “no more bets” is announced. The laser device gets insufficient time to calculate the result in such short time. There are various prohibitions by government about outside influences in casino gaming.

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