Keno Rules, History And Strategy

Keno is a game and the ancient legend dates back between 2000 and 3000 years ago, gives its origin in China, where this was the favourite game of all social strata. How it arrived in the West is simply intuit. The great immigration of Chinese workers employed in large infrastructure construction in the United States, has made sure that the game was imported and then practiced by the Americans.
Today keno is a game similar to bingo and lottery, and is in fact entered the gilded world of casinos, and there are many gamblers that many games and one of the most demanding games dabble with keno, a form of entertainment and fortune.
Keno, based solely on luck, is not a game that lends itself to so many strategic choices, though some loyal players there are basic strategies that you can consider. For example, if you choose to bet more or less numbers: you can bet from 2 to 10 or even more, depends on which types of keno is played, but the more numbers you bet more coins you play, and chances to guess 10 numbers together, is certainly much less than the probability to guess 3.
In online keno, you can play online at Royal Vegas offers several interesting advantages over the traditional game played in casinos. For example, the ability to choose the game speed, how many times the extraction launch automatically (you can choose to play up to 10 times in a row the same combination without having to recompile every time your ticket), and also the types of keno to play with, especially with respect to payments of winnings.

Keno is a game for everyone, much like many lotteries you can play in any lottery. Each player receives a card (the Keno board) with a total of 80 numbers. The goal of the game is to guess as many as possible of the other 20 numbers drawn in each game. The computer randomly selects these numbers and the player is allowed to choose at will from 1 to 10 numbers of the card Keno, per batch. When the player’s number matches a number chosen at random by computer, the player wins. The Keno payoff depends on the mail made (“Post 1 €”, “E € 3″ or “Post € 5″, the maximum allowed in most casinos is 5 €). Another important factor is the amount of numbers selected on the Keno board (1 to 10) and of course how many of these numbers were drawn randomly by computer.
The game begins with the choice of the numbers on the Keno board. You can usually pick the numbers yourself, or if you prefer to automatically, letting the computer select 10 random numbers for you. Normally you will meet a button called “Automatic Selection of 10 numbers.” Once you have selected a number, it turns green. If you want to deselect it, simply click on the number a second time. You’ll see your potential winnings in a corner of the screen as you choose the numbers. Then you can choose the number of Keno games that you play by clicking on “Game 1″, “Schedule 5″ or “10 Games”. After each game of Keno, you can see the results on the left side of the screen. You can click on any game for detailed information about each game played. To continue playing the same number of games in a new game, just click “Replay Game”.

Keno is a game that lends itself to strategies particularly difficult, or require complicated calculations, to be honest it does not lend itself either to particular strategies. The reason is very simple: Keno is a game where it counts just the luck of the gambler then played every combination has the same probability of exit of another combination. But why should not despair, there are some techniques that are often games from professional players who will not give you the certainty of winning, but also a little help is better than nothing.


The types of bets you can find Keno are the following:
This option is enabled once you mark at least 8 spaces on the ticket and you bet that none of the selected numbers will be released during the extraction.
We must mark 2 to 7 Spots on the ticket, and you bet that all the numbers marked in the extraction will come out.
To make this bet, you must mark at least one spot on the ticket. The payout is usually higher.
It is the only option that can be enabled before you mark any number on the ticket. It isonly necessary to place the bet to use this option.

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